The Origin of The Comic Book Gen 13

The Early Years: How Gen 13 Came To Be In the early 1990s, amidst the comic book boom, renowned artist Jim Lee and writer Brandon Choi set out to create a fresh and dynamic superhero team. This led to the birth of Gen 13, a groundbreaking comic book franchise that would captivate readers for years […]

Why the Legend of Zelda is an All-Time Great

It was a brave step to create a follow-up to the cartoonish Wind Waker, but Twilight Princess is easily the best 2D entry in the series. While it takes place in the familiar Hyrule (light world) and Lorule (dark world) from the cartoony Wind Waker, Twilight Princess is far from a carbon copy, and it […]

Teen Butt Dials 911 While Playing Rainbow-Six, Ends up Regretting it Instantly.

Armed officers in Kentucky responded to a call from a 17-year-old boy saying he killed two people — but they discovered that the 911 call was a butt-dial while the teenager was playing a video game. Elijah Sierocki was playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, a popular online first-person shooter, Jan. 5, when police descended […]

New Wizards of The Coast Drama

Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast released new statements about their changing Open Game licenses for Dungeons & Dragons since they seem to have taken a huge step back. After several days of receiving a massive online backlash over leaked content of their new Open Game License, Version 1.1, it appears plans to release a […]

Fun Facts About Super Mario

Everyone loves Super Mario, but what do we really know about the man behind the mustache? What are his hopes, dreams, and fears? Why is he like 2 feet tall but has an 82-inch vertical? Where’s he putting 30+ years of gold coins? What’s he doing to relax? Well, if you want the answers to […]

Best Vertigo Graphic Novel Series

DC Comics has a long history of creating a variety of imprints, each of which has its own unique tone and style. One of their imprints, Vertigo Comics, can be a reliable source for well-written, dark, and gripping graphic novel series. Here are a few of their titles that we’d consider essential for any graphic […]

Evolution of The Suicide Squad

Given what The Suicide Squad is, it’s no surprise that the history of this team is as dark and twisted as they are. With an ever-changing roster of characters and lots of fun villainous chaos, it can be difficult to piece your way through their history. It’s easiest to understand by simply breaking up The Suicide […]

GN Review: Black Hammer

In some ways, Black Hammer is a lot like some of the other graphic novel series we’ve covered like Umbrella Academy and The Boys. Black Hammer involves a unique take on classic superhero comics, in their case creating a homage to vintage comic book tropes. But whereas The Boys gives superhero tropes a darker twist, […]

Image Series That Aren’t Saga

For comic and graphic novel readers who haven’t branched outside of the worlds of Marvel and DC, it can be difficult to know where to start. Image is a comic and graphic novel imprint that’s a great go-to for a blend of affordability and high-quality stories. Just from your many trips patronizing your local comic […]